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Crucial Audio is the accumulation of 30+ years experience with music and electronics. Steve Kollander worked with such great artists as: Dick DaleDanny GattonThe Gin BlossomsHot TunaJourneyKitaroThe RamonesThe Red Hot Chili PeppersMichael SchenkerSepulturaSteve Winwood, Third Eye BlindZero. Crucial Audio products have been on stages worldwide and used by musicians, producers & engineers.

Crucial Audio® products are designed, assembled, and tested in the USA.

The Echo-Nugget 

Delivers the warm tone of a boutique tube preamp combined with the classic sound of a pure Analog Delay. You get more reliable performance, and lower maintenance than a tape echo. The Echo-Nugget is a true analog delay (no digital required) and represents what we consider to be the best in tonal landscaping. Described as Luxurious and Organic Sounding The Echo-Nugget is loved by world leading artists, engineers & producers. The Echo-Nugget Vacuum Tube Analog Delay is a viable and critically acclaimed alternative to the magnetic tape echoes. Consequently delivers warmer tone than the digital delays, modelers and other solid state analog delays.

Thanks to my good friend Ramon Goose for allowing me to use this video , please make sure you visit and subscribe to Ramon's excellent Youtube Channel, The Guitar Show. 

Crucial Audio Tone Nugget


Boutique Twin-Triode Tube Tonality for your Pedal Board!
Sweeten your sound and increase your signal with The Tone-Nugget Vacuum Tube Booster by Crucial Audio.  As The Tone-Nugget features a selected 12AX7 Twin Triode tube. The sweetening ingredient from our legendary Echo-Nugget. Proprietary High Voltage/Low Noise valve circuit is powered from a standard 9Vdc power supply. Ready for your pedal board! Gain, Tone and Output Level controls help take your tone to a higher level. The Tone-Nugget delivers a big sound in a small package. Things just got real. High Voltage Class A Boutique Level circuitry in an affordable, compact, rugged package. 

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